"It is not the place of the theatre to show the correct path, but only to offer the means by which all possible paths may be examined." Augusto Boal

Milwaukee Public Theatre is rooted in a profound belief in the arts as an empowering and healing resource that must be available to all people, regardless of age, ability/disability, culture, ethnicity or income level. From our beginnings as a two-person company of mimes/musicians/storytellers, we have grown into a multi-faceted arts organization focused on accessibility. Through strong partnerships with schools, community organizations and the public we harness the power of creative expression to address issues of social justice, self-determination and personal transformation.

In creating and presenting the arts, these goals and objectives are considered and addressed:

  • To make the arts financially, intellectually and geographically accessible to everyone
  • To create art that encourages people to develop and use critical thinking skills
  • To promote the arts as a resource for personal, community and cultural growth and transformation
  • To develop imaginative art forms that empower individuals to participate in the ongoing creation of their culture
  • To apply theatrical traditions and  forms that contribute to a deeper understanding of current social issues, conditions and concerns
  • To create art that promotes well-being and celebration