Proyecto Bembe is an Afro-Latino percussion-based performing arts program for Milwaukee school age youth. Through the use of applied ethnomusicology techniques within a positive youth development model, Proyecto Bembé inspires musical and performance skills, youth leadership and self-respect, and cultural identity exploration through Afro-Latino musical culture.  

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Toolbox Theater Through partnerships with MPS school's, this new MPT program aims to utilize the performing arts to create a safe space for social dialogue that promotes self-expression, self-confidence and self-determination.  Through dialogue, participants identify an issue pertinent to their community and develop an interactive play or series of scenes and perform for members of their school and surrounding community. 

Cuéntame un Cuento (Tell Me A Story): A delightful bilingual production for all ages! This lively music and puppet production of folktales from Latinoamerica. Cuéntame Un Cuento is MPT’s forum for Latino storytellers to have a place to share and keep traditional stories alive, reaching wider audiences while maintaining the Latino voice and addressing today’s issues.e

Cuéntame un Cuento can be booked as a one time show, that comes with a suggested curriculum and follow up activities, as well as a 6 week program that includes a Cuéntame TU cuento/Tell me YOUR story component through which participants can explore and share their own stories and reconnect with their traditions.