Milwaukee Public Theatre's work has been acclaimed by audiences throughout the country for its artistry, creativity, diversity and accessibility. Since its inception in 1974 as Friends Mime Theatre, MPT has been one of the very few professional theaters in the state to commit to free-to-the-public programming that makes the arts accessible to all of our citizens. Each year, the company reaches around 70-90,000 people of all ages, cultures and abilities/disabilities with socially and culturally relevant theatre, large-scale community events and parades, commissioned work for businesses and corporations, and educational workshops and art residencies for all art forms.


2018 Theater Projects


MPT's Grand Avenue Club Players

Milwaukee Public Theatre's Grand Avenue Players Project, in partnership with The Grand Avenue Club, is an annual 6-month residency theater program designed to address stigmas associated with mental illness. MPT works with GAC members to develop performance material that illuminates their resilience and creativity that surmount their disabilities-and to share that material with the general public. Grand Avenue Club provides adults in Milwaukee County who have experienced mental illness pre-vocational, employment, educational, housing, recreational, and cultural opportunities so that their lives will be more productive and satisfying. 

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Heard Space

MPT's Heard Space is a community-minded, WPC focused, women-led, theater collective comprised of actors, poets, writers, and artists who have come together to cultivate original works. 



MPT's Bembé is a community-based, intergenerational drum & dance performance program of children, parents and seniors who produce shows educating and entertaining Milwaukee's public while exploring racial and cultural identities through Afro-Latinx musical and performance culture.