Learning through the arts develops vital communication and team-building skills, increases emotional intelligence, and brings curriculum areas to life! Milwaukee Public Theatre residencies focus on long-term commitments with consistent, dedicated artist educators that come from diverse cultures and arts disciplines.

In 2017, MPT is focused on three in-depth residencies:


Sherman Elementary School 

A 6-month residency producing a school-wide production of the Lion King for students from grades K3-6th grade.


Neighborhood House 

A 5-month residency producing creative arts programing and performances that focus upon cultural connections, cultural self-representations, and cultural empathy.


United Community Center's Senior Day Center 

A 3-month summer intensive of intergenerational performing arts practices and performances including the elders that attend the Senior Day Center and the youth that attend the neighboring elementary school.


For information on our residencies please contact us!



“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  Pablo Picasso